‘Twas The Night

//‘Twas The Night

‘Twas The Night

“…the time came for her baby to be born.” Luke 2:6

“‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house…” wrote Clement Clarke Moore. However, this poem was first published anonymously in 1823. Soon that magical night will be here again. We will attend worship in preparation for the coming of the Baby Jesus. But, it has all become a little skewed—and confused—with Santa Claus. Let us not forget the true meaning of Christmas. The fact is, that the day called Christmas is set aside to celebrate the Birth of the Christ Child not for the new car, or necklace, or toy that may be placed under the Christmas tree.

The first Christmas was spent by a mother and father and their new baby boy, who was wrapped in a cloth, huddled in a stable with hay and animals for warmth. Yet joy radiated from that humble manger and they heard the voices of the angels singing “Joy to the World.” A stillness seeped in and quieted the chaos of people coming to the town of Bethlehem so they could be counted by the Roman Government. The Inn was full, so God was born in a stable; He was named Jesus.

Think how it was when your children were born. Did it matter, at that magnificent moment, where you were or what possessions or what money you had or anything else? If we are honest the answer is definitely, “NO!” Nothing mattered except that you were holding your new-born child. You felt the warmth of his/her body and softness of the baby flesh. You may have checked their fingers and toes and marveled at the miracle of it all.

Mother’s and father’s all over the world experience the very same emotions upon the birth of their sons and daughters. Mary and Joseph did, too. Only their baby was not only their son, but God’s Son who came to save you and me. He came to restore our relationship with God the Father and with one another. Jesus is the light of the world. “He gave up his divine privileges,” (Luke 2:7) and came to earth because of God’s great love for you and me.

This is why we celebrate Christmas—the day that Christ was born. And we give each other presents just as the Magi presented them to the Baby Jesus—because they honored His birth.

If you can attend a midnight worship service—you will be amazed at its significance. Christmas is not about Santa, it is about Jesus, the Savior of the world.

Peace be with you not only on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but all through the year.

Dear Lord, help me be watchful, that I may become aware of Your presence in all things at all times. In Jesus’ name I pray. AMEN



Luke 2:6   Matthew 1:25   Galatians 4:4   Philippines 2:7


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