The Way

The Way

“For he will repay according to each one’s deeds.” Romans 2:6

“I don’t always see the way, but I trust the One who does.” (Mornings with the Holy Spirit; Jennifer Le Claire, May 23) This is the beginning of the prayer at the end of this morning’s meditation. I read these words and began to ponder a decision that Del and I made this morning. Understanding that God can see the future and we cannot, makes it clear to me that we have made the correct decision.

I awoke this morning hearing God’s still, small voice saying, “Let your “Yes” be “Yes” and your “No” be “No.” As I pondered those words the Lord continued to show me bits and pieces of the future. What I saw I did not like, thus, the decision to stay home from a week at the Atlantic Ocean of fun in the sun. In this case, we let our “No” be “No.”

Allowing God to lead does not always result in enjoying worldly pleasures. But it does put joy in your heart, which no one can take away. Being joyful in the light of circumstances is a blessing from the Father. It is something that no amount of money can buy, nor even spending a week in a resort by the sea. Instead we are blessed to stay in our very own paradise and rest, read, and pray, in the joy of the Lord.

My husband and I are in our twilight years. We are finding we have certain limitations, which doesn’t by any means mean that we are done with life. It just means that things are changing—there are different ministries that we are being called to do—thanks be to God. We are “What my Father has given me is greater than all else, and no one can snatch it out of the Father’s hand.” (John 10:29)

So today—and every day—I am thanking Jesus, the One who died that I might live, for wisdom and understanding to do what the Father calls me to do. I have learned that through the storms of life I have grown closer to the Lord for all honor and glory are yours, O Lord. There is only one way to peace and security and that is through Jesus who is God and has sent His Holy Spirit to show us the way. I, for one, want to walk in that way. How about you?

Dear Father, Son and Holy Spirit, thank you for Your wisdom and understanding. May this meditation honor and glorify Your Holy name. In Jesus’ name I pray. AMEN

John 14:6   John 10:29   Ephesians 6:8   Psalm 62:12 

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