The Ideal State

//The Ideal State

The Ideal State


“My heart is breaking when I remember how it use to be:” Psalm 42:4a


Do you not wonder what’s going on in the world today? Everyone seems to be caught up in some sort of whirlwind! I remember living in the country, on our dairy farm, watching tiny whirlwinds form and then come across the field. It caught up everything in its path and made it part of its own. Our lives can be just like that and we can lose our perspective, if we do not remember who we are. But, even having said that I stand corrected. We must remember “Whose” we are, as a dear friend of mine use to tell me.

Job had to remember whose he was. He had everything a man could want: a loving family, great possessions and riches, and he believed in God. But, something wasn’t right—ultimately he lost it all—even so he wouldn’t denounce God. What was wrong? He lost his focus, but when he found it again, everything was restored. His focus was now changed and he gave all the honor and glory to God. He now understood that God had blessed him and he sang a song of joy.

I know someone like Job. Even now she is in the throes of losing everything. Even so, through it all, she is holding on to her belief in God. Her predicament can be summed up in one word, “weltschmerz.” She is thinking about what could or should have been, about how it use to be. She is comparing how it could be with how it actually is and she is depressed and apathetic. It can be described as a state of sentimental sadness and it is on the verge of destroying her.

The Psalmist cried out, “Why am I discouraged? Why is my heart sad?” (Psalm 42:5) Perhaps that is you today. If so, there is only one thing you can do—put your hope in God, vow to praise Him in all things. Soon you will notice a change in your attitude and a burden will be lifted.

The hopelessness of the world condition is not your burden to bear—it is God’s. Even though it doesn’t look like it to you, He is in control! One day you will see. In fact, I bet, if you put your hope in God, you will already see some changes for the better. Don’t get caught up in the whirlwind, but remember God has a plan and it’s a plan for good. Your job is to remain faithful to Him. Though situations arise that seem overwhelming, hopeless, oppressive, and fearful, remember God is your refuge. Know that God can give you hope, when circumstances indicate there is none. Only with God can you live in an ideal state.

Dear Lord, I praise your Holy name. In the midst of my sorrow and anger help me to praise You. Help me to know that You will restore me, as the prophets of old, to the fullness of life with joy in my heart. In Jesus’ name I pray. AMEN


Psalm 42:5   Luke 18:22-23   Matthew 6:21   Job 30:16   Psalm 100:4

 Isaiah 30:29


(C) Rev. Betty A Beach-Connell, 2018


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