Thankful Hearts

//Thankful Hearts

Thankful Hearts

“…he has made both groups one…broken down the wall of hostility…” Ephesians 2:14

Thankfulness comes from deep within our soul. It doesn’t depend upon anything anyone said or has done for us, it just “is.” There are so many things for which to be thankful. We can be thankful for the freedom we experience living in the U S of A; for the beauty of creation, (if we remember to open our eyes and see it); for home and family; and most of all, for God who never leaves us or forsakes us. In fact, it is He who implants thankfulness in our hearts.He Day of Thanksgiving is upon us. It is a day that evokes much joy for some and much sorrow for others. It is a day of remembrances; we remember where we came from; we remember where we are; and we remember where we should be going. And, most of all, we remember to be thankful.

Thankfulness does not have its origin with what you have or do not have. It is a state of being—an attitude—a perspective—a way of looking at any situation. The Bible tells us that God works all things for good for those that love the Lord. (Romans 8:28) When you open your heart to God, He will show you the way—He will speak softly to your heart and tell you that you may not see a way, but He knows the way—God says, “LISTEN TO ME!”

There is a chorus that the congregation in the church which I attend, sing every Sunday. And I think it is one that can show us the way to a thankful heart on this Thanksgiving Day. The words are:-

Give thanks with a grateful heart, give thanks to the Holy One; give thanks because He’s given Jesus Christ, His Son. And now let the weak say, “I am strong!” Let the poor say, “I am rich because of what the Lord has done for us!” Give thanks with a grateful heart, give thanks to the Holy One; give thanks because He has given Jesus Christ, His Son. Give Thanks.

        And, the people of God say, “AMEN!”

Dear Lord, I give thanks to You for loving me even when I cannot love myself. Thank You for supplying all my needs even when I don’t know that I need them. Help me to be the person you created me to be. Help me to love my family and friends unconditionally as You love me. I give You thanks for whatever the future may hold for me, for I know You will be there, too. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen

Further reading

Colossians 3:15   John 14:27   Ephesians 2:14   Philippians 4:7

(C) Rev. Betty A Beach-Connell, 2018

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