Singing A New Song

//Singing A New Song

Singing A New Song

Joy comes after the mourning


“Sing to the Lord a new song.” Psalm 96:1a  NRSV


Into each life some rain must fall. Darkness falls, but the sun will come out in the morning. “Oh, what a joy to wake up in the morning and know that this will be a good day! It is a good day because I know that my Savior lives. He has made Himself known to me over the years. I have seen the result of God’s power through my struggles and accomplishments.” (*ETC chapter 24 page 338) Life is good!

Four years after my husband’s death, I met a man, fell in love again, and married. We share much of the same interests—first and foremost, the love of the Lord, and running a close second, the love of music. Our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren are the apple of our eye.

After our marriage we both suffered that dreaded evil disease they call cancer. My dentist discovered mine—it was in my throat. This started us on a new journey—one that no-one wants to take. After the surgery, to remove the tumor that had grown on my tonsil had healed—I began 37 weeks of radiation and 7 treatments of chemo. Thanks be to God, we were sent to wonderful, skillful, and caring physicians—right in our hometown—5 minutes away (by golf-cart) from our home. The struggle and the healing had begun, but the joy had not faded.

After I had completed my treatments, Del shared with me that he had been struggling with hemorrhoids. He ultimately had them removed. Then prostate cancer reared its ugly head. He went through the procedures and this, too, was conquered. Then a tumor on his kidney which had to be removed. But, none of this took our joy away. Through our illnesses we were always by each other’s side. We had made a vow which said in part, “for better, for worse, in sickness and in health,” there was no other way…and the joy went on.

“Each day I write in my journal the joys and concerns I have for my family. They are always on my mind and in my heart…writing is my way of praying and a way of connecting with my Saviour.” (*ETC chapter 24 page339) I’m coming to understand as I write that one’s call is anything in which one is being fulfilled and serving others. I don’t know what you do or where you are in your spiritual walk, but I do know this—God loves you

–Rev. Betty A. Beach-Connell

Author of “Embracing the Call”

(God can lead you to places you never imagined)

*Embracing the CallThe Call by Rev Betty

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