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Loving God

“I love your sanctuary Lord, the place where your glorious presence dwells.”

Psalm 26:8 NLT

Giving thanks and loving God can sometimes be difficult. How can we give thanks when our whole world seems to be falling apart? You might even ask, “If there is a God, why is He letting all this chaos continue?” In spite of it all, God is still in control. Perhaps just perhaps, there is something we must learn. And, there seems to be no other way than to experience great hardship. There is thanksgiving even in the discipline of God.

The day we set aside as a day of thanksgiving is soon upon us. We teach our children that we celebrate Thanksgiving because we mimic the Pilgrims who came to this new land in search of religious freedom. They were met by the Indians who were native of this land and were befriended by them. So they set aside a feast day—a day of thanksgiving for this free land and their new friends. Still they suffered great hardship and many died during the harsh, cold winter they endured.

But, should we not teach our children that the reason for their celebration of Thanksgiving was to give thanks to God and to praise His name? After all, the Pilgrims loved God so much that they crossed the mighty ocean to be able to freely worship Him! They loved Him so much that whatever hardship they had to endure would, in the end, be worth it all!

This Thanksgiving day, let us give thanks to God for all things. Let us give thanks to God for family, friends, and even those we are yet to meet. Above all, let us remember to praise His name, for without God the blackness of evil would engulf us.

The promise of Isaiah 51:3 tells us that (1) The Lord will comfort us; (2) all that is insipid like the desert will once again flourish as in the Garden of Eden (Gen. 2:8); and (3) everywhere will be songs of gladness and joy. Give thanks to the Living and Almighty God for the best is yet to come.

Thank you, Lord, for the life you have given me. Please forgive me for the mistakes I have made. Create in me a clean heart and make me a blessing to someone today. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen

Psalm 26:7;28:7;100:4   Isaiah 51:3;41:19   Genesis 2:8

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