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Singing A New Song

Joy comes after the mourning   “Sing to the Lord a new song.” Psalm 96:1a  NRSV   Into each life some rain must fall. Darkness falls, but the sun will come out in the morning. “Oh, what a joy to wake up in the morning and know that this will [...]

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Sometimes it is not what we thought   “Peace for me was illusive. There had been so much turmoil up to this point. Lee’s illness; the trauma of caring for him and watching him suffer; the church family becoming upset with me because it didn’t seem I was paying enough [...]

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What to do when you feel you are alone   “All my supporters were gone. My mom and dad had died years earlier. I had long since gotten use to them not being readily available to me and now, my husband was no longer at my side.”(*ETC chapter 18, page [...]

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The Blessing of Quiet   God, through the power of the Holy Spirit speaks to us in the silence of our hearts. But, extreme physical, emotional or spiritual pain can make so much noise in your heart, mind, and soul, that you cannot hear God speaking to you. Our world [...]

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Grief and Pain

Working through Grief   When someone you love dies there is no way to avoid the pain. Even as a pastor, the loss of my husband changed my entire world, and I had to learn how to cope with that change. As you will see in this portion of *ETC, [...]

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Facing Evil

How to Overcome Evil “Someone once asked me, “What does it mean to be free?” In the Old Testament to be free was to be let go from a crime or to be let out of prison. (I guess to unbelievers that is how it is still today.) In the [...]

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